Dear Parents/Guardians,

Tadika Ceria Gembira will be enhancing precautionary measures to ensure that our school remains a safe and healthy learning environment.

While teachers actively lookout for children’ well-being, please teach your child practices good personal hygiene and social responsibility.

Teachers are NOT health care professionals and are unable to diagnose an illness. We will not take responsibility for any mishap. The parent should take your child to the doctor if he/she is unwell and we would appreciate it that you keep your child at home until he/she recovers.

Parents need to read and understand and agree with the SOP we send and fill in the body temperature check and health declaration form every day.

We need the collective effort of all parents to exercise social responsibility so that our school continues to stay safe.

亲爱的家长 / 监护人,



教师不是医疗保健专业人员,无法诊断疾病。我们对任何不幸不承担任何责任。如果孩子身体不适,家长应该带孩子去看医生,然后将孩子留在家里直到他 / 她康复。



Memorandum of Understanding to Sign 签署谅解备忘录

Please read and understand the above memorandum content. 请阅读并理解上述签署谅解备忘录的内容。
If you have 2 children study here, please write both names here. 如有两个孩子在这里上学,请直接填写两个孩子的名字。
Father and mother request to sign here. 父母需在此签名。