General Terms and Conditions of Enrollment
This contains the Rules and Regulations of Tadika Ceria Gembira.
Payment of Fees 月费

All fees will be due on the 5th of every month. It is non-refundable and non-transferable. The fees will be collected for 11 months in one calendar year. All school holidays and public holidays are considered as paid holidays. Full fees are still applicable for holidays and absent due to sickness. No refund or reduction is allowed for non-attendance. In case of forced closure by the authority, no refund and/or reduction in any fees are allowed too. The management will not be held responsible for any fees which are not received if you choose to pass the fees through your child. Please ensure that fees, especially cash, are handed over to the management directly to avoid any unwanted circumstances.


Term 学期

There will be 2 Terms in one calendar year ( 1st Term & 2nd Term ). Books, Programme, miscellaneous and etc fees will be charge twice a year.


Absences 缺席

It is the parent’s responsibility to report each and every absence. Please apply for leave and submit the reason in our system. In order to obtain the best possible education, it is important that students attend class on a daily basis and arrive on time. Regular classroom participation is necessary to achieve the best possible learning situation for every student. This policy statement has been developed to encourage good attendance and to discourage tardiness. Our goal is to maximize every student’s opportunity to learn. Attendance is the responsibility of parents and students.


Punctuality 守时

Being on time is a life skill important to each child’s future, and schools share the responsibility to teach the importance of this skill. Tardiness of individual students interrupts instructional time for all students. Promptness to class allows the teachers to begin the instruction on time for everyone. Tardiness to class is defined as not being physically in the class at 8:30 am.


Daily Health Info & Temperature Report 每日健康信息的体温报告

Parents are to ensure submit the daily health information and temperature record to school system before sending your child to school. If your child absence due to illness, the cause must be submitted in daily health information.


Illness 疾病

Children who affected by sickness which can spread (e.g. chickenpox, hand mouth and foot disease, bird flu, etc.) or fever are not allowed to attend the classes. Children suffering from contagious sicknesses are advised to stay at home until fully recovered. If your child was affected by any of the contagious diseases, it is the parents’ responsibility to notify the management immediately. This will help us to prevent the spread of the disease. In case your child is sick while attending school, we will immediately inform the parent, the parent must come to kindergarten as soon as possible to pick up your child go home.


Medications 药物

Children are not allowed to bring medicine to kindergarten, please let your child take rest at home until recover if sick. Teachers are NOT health care professionals and are unable to diagnose an illness. We will not take responsibility for any mishap. Parents should take your child to the doctor if unwell and we would appreciate it that you keep your child at home until recovers.


Security 安全

Parents not allowed to enter the school premises. However, should you need to do so: prior notification has to be given to management to ensure security and to minimize disruption to classes. Parents are not encouraged to wait in the premises during school hours, as this will distract the attention of not only your child but that of other children as well. If parents wish to meet the principal or any teachers, please do so after the school hour or make an appointment.


Accident 意外

Children's body movement coordination is not so perfect. Therefore, there are often falls and bruises. Sometimes it can lead to small bruises or abrasions on the body. Please don't worry too much. Parents' excessive attention and advice, children may not dare to have big movements, so children become timid, no longer dare to explore the unknown, gradually become inactive, leading to physical decline. In addition, children's friendship is obtained from playing, running and jumping. If parents pay too much attention to their children's safety, they will lose the opportunity to communicate with friends and the fun of playing, which is extremely harmful to children's social ability and character cultivation.


Changing of Address or Contact Number 更改地址或联系电话

Please notify us immediately of any changes in address and telephone number.


Parking of Vehicle 车辆停放

Strictly no parking at the neighbours’ entrance and anywhere where it blocks traffic flow. Please respect this expectation. Be patient and DO NOT horn while waiting for your child(ren). Parents are required to come forward to the gate to receive your child during dismiss in the evening.


School Uniform 校服

Parents are to ensure that your child wearing the school uniform every day for safety purposes and ease of identification in case of any emergencies.


Child's Belonging 孩子个人物品

Children belonging advised with their names written on it for easy identification.


Child's Responsibilities 孩子的责任

To attend school daily, on time and participate fully. The children who have been absent, parents should take the responsibility to teach and guard them to complete their assignment at home.


Money & Valuables 金钱和贵重物品

We discourage your child to bring money or other valuables items, e.g. jewellery, mobile phones, cameras, electronic devices and etc to school. The management will not be responsible for any losses or damage.


Birthday Celebration 生日会

Your child’s birthday is a special day! We would love to host your child’s birthday celebration and hold this celebration at the school for your convenience. Please inform us earlier should you wish to hold this event and you are asked to bring “Cake & Food” to the kindergarten. We advise parents to give “Stationery Set or Books” as goody bags rather than Junk Food as a gift.


Outing 郊游活动

We enjoy giving children the opportunity to learn and explore new things by providing exciting recreational and educational outings. Parents will be informed in advance of such activities and consent will be passed to you for acknowledgement.


Termination 终止

In the event of termination, parents must inform the management verbally by giving a 1-month notice in advance. All parents should abide by the rules and regulations laid down by the school. The management reserves right to reject, terminate or refuse service where it deems necessary.


Others 其他

Tadika Ceria Gembira reserves the rights to amend the content published herein and its brochures without prior notice. Tadika Ceria Gembira reserves the right to publish and/or copyright or use the photographic portrait of our students. These images may be reproduced in any form that the kindergarten wishes.


Parent Consent Form 家长同意书

Please read and understand the above rules and regulation's content. 请阅读并理解上述规章制度的内容。
If you have 2 children study here, please write both names here. 如有两个孩子在这里上学,请直接填写两个孩子的名字。
Father and mother request to sign here. 父母需在此签名。